Hydrogen will play a critical rolein the energy transition.
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  • Energy

    Maximize energy reliability with increased flexibility Because it can be stored for long periods and converted to electricity on demand, hydrogen is used as a form of reliable energy storage. The added flexibility and energy resilience that it provides can benefit a wide range of commercial to grid-sized customers.

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  • Transport

    Decarbonize your fleet with sustainable, emissions-free fuel
    The transportation sector is a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions. In the form of fuel by fuel cells or combustion engines, Hydrogen can be used as a sustainable alternative to gasoline or diesel. Green Hydrogen - produced by 100% renewable energy - is an emissions-free option for both large and small transportation applications.

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  • Industry

    Achieve operational resilience and long-term business sustainability
    The majority of today’s Hydrogen is produced with polluting natural gas. By switching from polluting gray or brown Hydrogen to emissions-free green Hydrogen, global industries can accelerate toward carbon-reduction goals.

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our PEM Electrolyzers Membrane Electrode Assembly
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Future-proof your business with green Hydrogen

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    Sustainable energy, Engineered Sustainably

    The difference will come from technology solutions that can manage the intermittency inherent in renewable energy, handle power peaks, reduce maintenance costs and shrink the footprint of installations.Hydrogen essential to decarbonize many highly polluting Industries such as heavy industry, transportation and power generation,Do you want to start a hydrogen project?Our experts can study your needs and develop your hydrogen project together with you.

  • PEM Technology.

    Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers use only renewable electricity and water to create green hydrogen through a process called electrolysis. The hydrogen produced can be stored as a gas or liquid and can be released into the gas grid, be used as clean vehicle fuel, or in a host of industrial processes, significantly reducing emissions in logistics and heavy industry. PEM electrolysers can rapidly react to fluctuations typical of renewable power generation, making the technology ideally suited for grid balancing and meeting energy deficits.

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    Why green Hydrogen?

    Zero emissionGreen hydrogen is the only truly clean fuel on the market, making it the best solution to the climate crisisFully sustainableUsing only water and renewable energy, our PEM electrolyzers produce the only truly clean hydrogen - green. The only by-product is oxygen, which, like hydrogen, can also be used industrially or vented into the atmosphere without negative effect,Green Hydrogen is a reality today.

  • The Race to Net Zero.

    The role of PEM electrolyzers in decarbonizing industry and achieving net zero emissionsMature technologyWe manufacture market-leading electrolysers that help decarbonize the mobility, industrial chemical and power to gas industries by harnessing the power of green hydrogen.VersatilityThe race to net zero is on, with green hydrogen playing a leading roleRadical change is necessary if the world is to become carbon neutral,Global business leaders that embrace low-carbon economies should invest in green Hydrogen.

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Why PEM electrolyser technology? Ten good reasons.

  • 1
    High Efficiency

    One of the most efficient solutions on the market with competitive energy to hydrogen conversion

  • 2
    Quick response

    PEM electrolyzers can be turned on quickly to participate in primary and secondary balancing markets

  • 3
    High plant availability

    It's versatile allows application across many different market segments for green hydrogen production

  • 4
    Hydrogen Production 

    It is a purity applicable to fuel cell electric vehicles

  • 5
    Safeand durable

    Built to minimize safety risks and withstand the elements.

  • 6
    PEM technology

    Continuously validated and tested to deliver leading performance and life cycle

  • 7
    Specialist group

    From design, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales support

  • 8
    Modular Structure

    Modular solutions applicable to rapid scale-up, cluster solutions and mass production

  • 9
    High Output Pressure

    The 30-35 bar hydrogen output pressure allows for a small product footprint and lower compression costs

  • 10
    Mature Technology

    Our PEM electrolyser systems are the perfect partner for renewable energy sources.

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